Which ones are the best?

Ease of Use
Software Compatible
Document Cameras
Child Friendly
Price of board
Smart Board
Software is user
friendly and offers an array of tools and
digital resources.
Every touch makes a mark.
Notebook Software is included with
purchase of board.
Originially built for business use.
Has a great response system.
Promethean camera will work with the board.
Smart Notebook Software converts
Promethean Flipcharts
Importing PowerPoint messes up the format.
Pens can be used as a pointer
Limited colors.
Fingers can be used to operate the board.
4 hours come with purchase
Installation included in price
Built for use in an educational setting
Boards are not sensitive to touch
ActivStudio / ActivPrimary Software
included with purchase of board

Activotes Response System available for
use with software and user friendly

Only Promethean instruments can be used
to operate board

Made durable for classroom use
Finger cannot be used to operate board
Training included with board
Price is higher than Smart
Installation not included in price

For my classroom I would have to suggest that one purchase the Smart Board. It seems to me that the value is definitely worth the purchase. The content in the software is comparable. The ease of use is comparable. The price of the Smart Board is lower. I also like the fact that the Smart Board can still use other equipment that is not Smart. This too me seems like it is a better deal as I would be able to shop around for tools to go along with my board and get the better deal, knowing that it will still work with my product. I also find that the price including installation and training is a true benefit to every classroom.